Support for Hospices

From the beginning, the goal of the Foundation has been content-related and financial support for hospices.

Our objective: to create an environment of loving and professional care for the largest possible number of chronically and terminally ill adults and children.

Financial Support

Financial support is made possible by campaigns, charity text messages, public collections, 1% income tax donations and donations from public and private funds. Support is also provided in the form of medications, medical equipment, training courses, publications and welfare benefits for orphaned children and young people.

Content-Related Support

Content-related support can be provided through training courses, conferences, publications and sites. Its goal is to supply the tools and skills required to independently work for one’s organization: to acquire funds, keep in touch with the local community and develop voluntary services. is the first portal in Poland dealing with the issues of palliative and hospice care: late-stage illness, death and bereavement. It serves as a source of information for patients and their relatives (a database of Polish hospices) and volunteers as well as a forum for experience sharing by palliative and hospice centers in Poland. is a website on bereavement, intended for children, young people, their parents, guardians, teachers and psychologists. It is a source of information and a platform for individual contacts through a toll-free number, e-mail or personal meeting at designated locations across the country.





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