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Every year the Hospice Foundation conducts the national social campaign “Hospice is also Life”, intended to break the taboos associated with hospices and to promulgate the idea of terminal care. Subsequent campaigns focus on different aspects of palliative and hospice care – communication with patients and their relatives, ways of helping bereaved adults and children, forms of hospice voluntary service and opportunities of participation by various age groups. During each campaign, its themes are presented in the media in the form of documentaries, television broadcasts, spots, articles in the press, radio broadcasts and coverage of charity and information campaigns organized by hospices. This combination of national and local activities leads to the education of our society and a change in their perception of end-of-life care as well as the involvement of local communities in the centers participating in these campaigns.

The campaigns and their themes:

2004 – “Hospice is also Life” – what hospices are, who they help and how

2005 – “Bring the Truth in Time” – how to talk to a seriously ill patient and their family

2006 – “Loss, Orphanhood and Mourning” – how to help at the time of bereavement

2007 – “Help the Hospice” – what the hospice voluntary service is about and why it is important

2008 – “Become a Hospice Volunteer” – how young people can become volunteers at a hospice and why it is worth being one

2009 – “Donate Your Time” – inviting the 50+ to become volunteers

2010 – “Orphaned Children” – the problem of orphanhood and mourning in children

2011 – “Volunteer at 50+” – how much you can gain by becoming a volunteer

2012 – “Healthy Talk Helps in Therapy. Talk. Listen. Trust” – how proper communication affects the therapeutic process

2013 – “Help to Relieve Pain” – the problem of orphanhood and mourning in children

2014 – “Tumbo Helps” – how to help a bereaved child:

2015 – "Help the orphanned children" – learn by the common fairytales, how to talk with your child about emotions.

2016 – "Family carer – a lonely hero?" watch the video 

2017 – "Family carer – does not have to be alone" 





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