As part of its educational activities, the HF has published 17 books for employees and volunteers, teachers, care assistants and all the people co-operating with palliative and hospice centers in any way. They include:

  • “Healthy Talk. The Art of Communication with the Terminally Ill and their Care Assistants”;
  • “The Handbook of a Coordinator of the Hospice Voluntary Service” covers all the aspects of the establishment and development of voluntary services at a center, from the recruitment of new volunteers through their training to the organization of daily work, motivation and handling difficult situations;
  • “A Hospice Volunteer’s Handbook”, a systematized collection of information for anyone who wants to work for a hospice, both as a campaign and care-oriented volunteer. It helps to understand the feelings of a dying person and their relatives. It gives advice on how to recognize their needs. It also presents the dangers faced by volunteers and the ways of coping with them;
  • “A Chronically Ill Person at Home” and “A Chronically Ill Child at Home”, guides offering practical advice for care assistants, covering the organization of home care and ways of taking care of yourself;
  • “To Bring the Truth in Time. On the Art of Communication at a Hospice”, a guide that accessibly clarifies the difficult rules of communication with a terminally ill person;
  • “Loss, Orphanhood, Mourning. A Guide for Helpers and the Bereaved” defines and explains the process of mourning in adults and children and how to help at different stages of the process;
  • “How to Discuss the End of Life and the Hospice Voluntary Service with Pupils”, a publication prepared in co-operation with experts and teachers forming a set of guidelines on how to discuss the difficult issues of disease, dying and mourning in the classroom with pupils of different ages and the possible forms of their involvement in voluntary activities;
  • “Signposts” – a selection of thoughts by Father Eugeniusz Dutkiewicz SAC, drawn from his homilies and retreats delivered in 1995-2001 (complete speeches on a DVD).
  • „The History of the Pallottine Hospice in Gdansk – Thirty years in the service of dying 1983-2013. The book is largely complementary and a sequel to “The History of the Pallottine Hospice in Gdansk. 1983-2008” summing up 25 years of the Gdansk hospice team. Since its publication many projects have been completed, many campaigns that were at the planning stage have been implemented.
  • „Journey to the Horizon. Five Years On”. This is a story about dreams, about the horizon at sunset and the people who, similar to the mail character in the book, are important to their last breath. The book attracted so much interest that the Hospice Foundation decided to publish a follow up edition, including a report from the foundation of a new hospice in the town of Puck, northern Poland, the hometown of Tom.  
  • „Social and Educational Functions of Hospice and Palliative Care”. This publication is an analysis of tasks undertaken and completed between 2002 – 2010 by teams of staff and volunteers of the Hospice Foundation in Gdansk. The activities were coordinated by the National Chaplain of Hospices, initially undertaken in Gdansk, was extended to cover the entire country. This resulted in a series of social education projects in the field of hospice and palliative care and development of volunteering.          
  • „Non – medical Aspects of Palliative and Hospice Care”. It is the first systematic publication describing the rich reality of on-medical aspects of palliative and hospice care managers aimed at both health centres, as well as entire teams of employees and volunteers. Comprehensive knowledge of care aspects improves informed participation in an interdisciplinary team, in which integrated action is the best answer to all the needs of the unwell and their loved ones.





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