Respite care center

We are beginning our efforts to build a Care Center in Gdańsk. It is to be a temporary residence facility for dependent and sick children and adults, thanks to which their caregivers will be able to breathe a breath - often exposed to the risk of burnout by many years of care.

What is respite care?
Relaxed care (also referred to as deluxe care) is a form of care offered to informal carers (usually families) for a fixed time. It consists in replacing them in providing care in the place of residence of the client or in the institution to which the client is being brought.

Benefits for clients and family carers
Carers, whose pupils will benefit from the support of our Centre, will have the opportunity to take care of their own health, rest or use their time for personal development. The charges will be provided with the highest level of care, rehabilitation and therapeutic activities. A total of 90 families will be able to take advantage of the care of the centre in the form of daily, two-week and monthly stays for adults.

Demographic challenges
The creation of such centres is particularly crucial at a time when the number of dependants is growing as the population ages. Health and social care institutions are not and will not be able to meet this challenge and provide care to all those in need. Providing support to families (family carers) in various aspects of care, including temporary substitution, guarantees a better quality of life for carers and their clients.

Education and modern solutions
The project is being developed in cooperation with the Medical University of Gdańsk and the Technical University of Gdańsk. It will implement innovations in the field of modern technologies and high standards of care. Practical workshops for carers will be an important element of educational activities.  Carers will get advice on organization and care at home, knowledge about opportunities how to get support and care for themselves.

The centre's offer will be addressed both to persons who meet the requirements of the income criterion by the Resolution No. 160 of the Council of Ministers of 20.12.2016 in the form of gratuitous aid reimbursed by local governments, and in the way of assistance paid for persons who do not meet this criterion.

The planned investment is located on a plot of land at Kopernika Street in Gdańsk, to which the right of use was transferred to the Hospice Foundation by the Municipality of Gdańsk in April 2019. 

Support the initiative
We look forward to working with individual and institutional donors. Our joint commitment is essential to ensure that this project has a chance to be launched in the coming years, and thus to provide assistance that may be needed by all of us. At the same time, we are aware that this will be one of the first centres of this kind in Poland. With your help, we hope to initiate activities that will inspire other organisations and cities in the country. 

We would like to invite everyone who would like to help us in financing this project. Payments can be made to the account number: PL60 1540 1098 2001 5562 3339 0002

with a note: Respite Care Center. 

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